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Tiger Coach Les Miles

Southeastern Conference coaches and players are gathered in Birmingham, Alabama for SEC Media Days. In one of the more entertaining press conferences, Coach Les MIles discussed competition in the SEC and the newly-formed college football playoff system.

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Coach Les Miles of LSU...

On competition in the SEC:

"We're not surprised by the talent of the teams we play. The good news is, we're ready to go. Coming off [the Alabama game], now the hunger is there again...we didn't quite hit it all."

On the game plan this season:

"The approach to this season is still the same [as last season]. We're very talented, in my opinion; but in a number of spots, we'll have to answer some questions. [All in all], I like our team."

On first-year starting QB Zach Mettenberger:

"It's time. He's moved into a starting position. He always maintained a consistent approach to his game. He just didn't get the snaps. When you're the backup, you know it. The team knows it. He's now the starter. He's got a quicker step, and he's improving the offense. He's applying some hard work and effort. The team sees it. He wants to lead. He talks about leading."

On a four-team college football playoff:

"I think it's exciting! I want to see it. It's important that you get the four best teams in. There will always be the fifth or sixth team wondering "should they, shouldn't they," but if it creates anticipation and greater interest, I think it's good. To keep the peace, it must be the four best teams.

"I think from year to year it will [typically] be conference champions playing, but it'd be a mistake if, just because a guy finishes second in his conference, you [leave that team out] of the playoff. I want to make sure that the best teams are going to play. It'll be interesting to see."

On whether or not the best four teams will be chosen:

"I trust that a committee with great scrutiny applied will get it right. The interest the country has shown in the need for a quality format was necessary. I think people asked to consider this playoff will have integrity and be diligent on the committee...if they don't, they won't be on the committee for long." Recommended Stories

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