Scout Report: Grayson Muehlstein

Grayson Muehlstein takes a look at highlights and breaks down complete junior game film of Decatur High's Grayson Muehlstein...

The Vitals

Grayson Muehlstein is a 6-foot-4, 200-pound quarterback from Decatur (Texas) High committed to TCU over interest from school like LSU, Baylor, Oklahoma State and Kansas State.

As a junior, Muehlstein racked up over 2,200 yards and 23 scores in his first year as a starter for the Eagles earning 9-3A Second Team All-District honors. He reports a 4.5 40-yard dash.

The Breakdown

Muehlstein is a gritty performer. He is the player that his team leans on and opposing defenses key on. He has a good arm and throws well outside the pocket and with a rolling pocket. He is calm under pressure. As a runner, he is not super quick but is a patient and powerful and he has enough athleticism to be a threat to pick up yardage on the ground when needed. He has nice natural size and is well built.

The Game Report

On October, 26, 2012 Decatur High and Bridgeport High squared off in the 'Battle of the Big Sandy' rivalry. In the end Bridgeport would come out on top 28-21, but Muehlstein turned in a top performance, rushing for 115 yards and a touchdown, while completing 12-of-19 passes for 156 yards and a score. He had some key plays in the contest and made a terrific 'miracle' type play (Clip 4).

Decatur vs. Bridgeport Part 1:
Decatur vs. Bridgeport Part 2:
Decatur vs. Bridgeport Part 3:
Decatur vs. Bridgeport Part 4:

The Highlights - QB #12:

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