Miles meets with media Monday

Les Miles

The following is a transcript of Les Miles' weekly press luncheon Monday.

Opening Statement…


"To recap the Appalachian State game, I understand that the Appalachian State student body donated $20,000 to the LSU Student Relief Fund associated with the Katrina incident. I think that's a tremendous piece of work for the student population. They are to be commended, and certainly it's nice that they keep us in their prayers.


"The game felt like it went as we would have wanted. Certainly we would have liked to have played a little better, but it's a team that has played two opponents prior to a major conference battle. I think their approach was good and solid, though not necessarily emotional. I think that will change as we go forward."


On the Alabama game…


"We look forward to Alabama. This is a game that has been looming on the horizon for some time. I think our kids are excited to prepare for it and look forward to playing our best opponent, and certainly Alabama could be that."


On what Alabama QB Brodie Croyle does so well….


"He can really throw it. He obviously came off an injury, and he is the leader of their team. He is very smart with the ball. I think (he's only had) four interceptions on the year. He just really does exactly what they ask him to do."


On where he sees the strength of Alabama's defense…


"I think their force unit, their front seven, is probably as good of a front seven as we have seen. They are very capable at linebacker. They are a very talented defensive line, a physical group who can run. They substitute a number of people in there, and every guy who goes in plays extremely well. They understand the scheme, and they play within it very effectively."


On the injury status of the team…


"I think that we'll be healthier than we've been in quite some time. We got (running back) Joseph Addai a couple of snaps on Saturday, and he seems to be much better today. I think that he'll be fresh and better apt to play against Alabama. I think there will be a number of guys regaining health. We didn't lose anybody to speak of in Saturday's performance."


On why Alabama's defense has been so effective…


"What they've done is that they've really stayed consistent with their scheme. They've played it from the beginning to the end, and their guys are getting better at playing their technique. I think that they put pressure on the passer pretty routinely. I don't think they have to cover very long, but when they're counted on to provide coverage they do a great job. I think it's scheme and personnel. They get to the passer pretty regularly and they'll make you throw it."


On if it is necessary to set any certain for a big game like this…


"I don't think there will be anyone in an LSU helmet that will need extra motivation. I think this is a game where we get to play for the lead and control our destiny, and I think that's all that our team will need to prepare to play well." Recommended Stories

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