Is Michael nearing decision?

Christine Michael

Christine Michael will be the first to admit that he got carried away last spring when he gave his commitment to Texas A&M. Admitting he was overwhelmed by the process, Michael (5-11, 195) took a visit to Baton Rouge at the end of February and returned to his hometown of Beaumont de-committed, in the process creating a new player in the race for his talents.

Five months, and one breakthrough camp, later; Michael still has the Aggies and Tigers atop his list.


His breakthrough camp came last month at Top Gun in Florida, where he walked away one of the most highly touted running backs out of an impressive national group.


“It felt good playing so well,” Michael said. “I just showed off everything I had and all the work that I have been doing in the off-season.”


It seems Michael made a statement indeed, his name quickly spreading from Florida through Baton Rouge and back to Beaumont as one of the hottest running backs still on the national board.


At the start of the month, he felt confident that he would have his decision made before his West Brook Senior High season opener on August 29.

Now Michael looks to put that decision on hold, at least for the time being.


“My parents want me to take some time and see each school on an official before I decide,” he said. “They have been to Baton Rouge and love the coaches and campus, so that is no worry. They want me to just be completely sure. And I am on the same page. I want this decision to be my final one.”


If the decision were to come soon, the 4-star back knows where he would send his pledge.


“If I had to choose today, it would be LSU,” said Michael, who ran for over 1,200 yards and scored 28 touchdowns total as a junior. “I love everything they offer, and have enjoyed my visits to the fullest. It is just such a blessing to even be recruited by a team like LSU. They are the defending national champions and are one of the teams that are always on top. It’s just the ultimate honor.”


While things went well in Baton Rouge last season, Michael knows that things in College Station are in a transition period, welcoming a new coaching staff in hopes of revamping the Aggies to the Big 12 status they have grown accustomed to.


“Coach [Randy] Jordan and [head] coach [Mike] Sherman know that is on my mind,” he explained. “Things are already up and rolling in Baton Rouge, and things at Texas A&M will take a while for everyone to get on the same page. It’s a bit of a concern of mine, but I am just going to look a little harder and see what things happen for me.”


With the Aggies recruiting class closing down in numbers, there looks to be room for one more big talent.


Yet, will Sherman wait for the nation’s No. 11 ranked running back?


“It seems like since I have announced LSU as a leader, Texas A&M has kind of backed off,” Michael said. “I thought it would be the opposite, but that isn’t how it has played out. I know I am good to go though. I am just going to keep praying and then take officials to each school. At that point I hope I will be ready to make my choice without any doubts on my mind.”

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