Final official visit coming up

McFarland takes his final official this weekend

The Tigers are still in the hunt for another difference maker on the defensive line in the 2009 class. There are still many big names on the board, but perhaps none bigger than Jamarkus McFarland.

McFarland is rated the 5th best defensive tackle in the nation according to’s latest rankings, and it’s no surprise to find out a player of his caliber has offers from almost every school across the country.


Despite his many offers, McFarland has had his mind focused on three schools for quite some time - LSU, Texas, and Oklahoma. He has already visited LSU and Oklahoma officially, and plans to take his official visit to Texas this weekend.


“I’m interested in those three schools the most because they are the three biggest schools that are closest to home,” McFarland says. “When I visit these places, I’m just looking to see how well I fit in.


“Football stands out everywhere. Education stands out everywhere. I’m just looking for the place where I feel most comfortable with the players and where I can enjoy college the most outside of football,” McFarland added.

McFarland made his official visit to LSU two weeks ago and watched as the Tigers struggled with Georgia. Though the outcome of the game didn’t favor LSU, the standout defender says the loss will not have an effect on his decision.


“Every school loses,” he said. “Being in the SEC, you never know which way a game will go. So I’m not that worried about it.”


One thing he was worried about was the way the coaches used the defensive linemen and he said he liked what he saw in that regard.


“I watched the rotation of the defensive line during the game,” McFarland continued. “They kept bringing new guys in to keep them energized.”


Much has been made throughout the process about the impact McFarland’s mother and grandmother will have on his decision. He says their input will be a factor, but not the only one.


“My mom and grandma are more Oklahoma fans, but they enjoyed the trip to LSU,” he said. “They like different things about each school. With Texas it’s the education. They like the coaching staff at Oklahoma. They like the campus and town at LSU. Their opinions are going to be important, but they aren’t making my decision for me.”


With only one other visit planned, McFarland is beginning to wind down his recruitment and prepare himself to make a decision. He’s just not quite sure when that decision will come at this point.


“I go back and forth on when I want to decide,” he said. “I’ve thought about taking it to signing day. I’m going to be playing in the Army game, and I thought about doing it then. But then other times I’m not sure if I want to wait that long.”


With his decision and decision date still up in the air, the Tigers, Longhorns, and Sooners are doing all they can to put themselves in better position for the 5-star defensive tackle.


“The coaching staffs from LSU, Texas, and Oklahoma have all stopped by my games this year,” McFarland said. “They all call every week. I mostly talk to Coach Peveto from LSU, Coach McWhorter from Texas, and Coach Venables from Oklahoma. At this point they are all just checking in to see how I’m doing. We just bond when we talk now.” Recommended Stories

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