It was amazing

The atmosphere in Tiger Stadium impressed Telfort

Frankie Telfort has said that he wanted to broaden his horizons beyond the skyline of Miami. These past two weeks, the 4-star linebacker used his recruitment process to do just that.

After a trip to Southern Cal two weekends ago, Telfort (5-11, 205, 4.41) and his parents made their way to Baton Rouge for the Tigers game against the Crimson Tide.


"We got into town around 10:30 in the [Saturday] morning," Telfort said. "We got a chance to go check out the academic center. It was amazing. It's really big and pretty nice. They told me how it holds over 1,000 students, and I got to check out all the rooms and stuff. It was a very rock star type of teaching, and I liked it.


"The indoor facility was also amazing," Telfort added. "I walked in and couldn't believe it. The turf and dome were all really amazing. The same goes for the workout facility. I was just like, 'whoa'."


From there, Telfort made his way into Tiger Stadium for the 2:30 kickoff.

"The game was amazing, even though LSU lost," Telfort said. "It was rocking inside the whole time. It was pretty crazy. I have definitely never seen anything like that at all.


"I got a chance to sit with Jarvis [Jones] and my parents," Telfort added. "Jarvis and I had gone out to USC together. He is definitely a character. We had some fun at the game, for sure."


After the game, the Gulliver Prep standout joined fellow recruits for a meal before heading out with his player host Greg Shaw.


"We ate on campus and then I went and hung out with Greg," Telfort said. "He is a really cool guy, and we had the Florida connection going. The funny thing was that I didn't even know he was from Miami until I was in his room at his apartment and saw his high school football pictures. I know some people that went to Pace, so we had some mutual friends."


The following day, Telfort got a taste of what his future on and off the field would be like if he were to sign with the Tigers.


"I am looking at pharmacy, so I got to meet with a woman from the science department," Telfort said. "I asked a lot of questions, and she was really helpful. I found out that I can play football and still have my credit hours done before the start of pharmacy school, so I really like that.


"From there I met with some people at the business school," Telfort added. "We got a chance to look at the incline of technology into all of the different areas involved with the campus. It was a pretty cool experience."


Before heading back to the hotel to pack, the nation's No. 9 weak side linebacker sat down with the coaches to look over game film.


"They sat me down and broke down film for a while,"said Telfort. "There were a lot of things that they showed me that I would not have caught, so I learned a lot. They showed me all the base defenses that the players use and things like that. It was definitely a good session."


Heading back to south Florida, Telfort will wrap up his official visits before settling on a decision.


"I am still thinking about things," Telfort said. "I like LSU, Florida, USC, Stanford, Cal and Duke. It is still pretty open. I just need to get the last few visits out of my way and then evaluate everything so that I can make my decision."

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