Miles gets one more crack

Darren Myles, Jr. goes to Lexington this weekend

The final push is being made for four-star prospect Darren Myles, Jr. (6-2, 185, 4.5) and there are four schools left in the sweepstakes for the nation's eighth ranked safety.

“We got one more trip,” said Myles’ father, Darren Myles, Sr. “We’re going to the University of Kentucky this weekend and we’re in the process right now of trying to weight the pros and cons of the finalists which of course are LSU, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.”


LSU head coach Les Miles will have his in-home visit with the Myles family on Thursday and he’s the last head coach that will be in their home before signing day. It’s safe to assume that the Tigers’ headman will be pointing out the pros of LSU and the cons of the other three finalists.


When sorting through the positives and negatives that each school offers there are a few main points that the Myles family will focus on that will go a long ways towards helping Darren decide on a school.

“We’ll be looking at the depth charts and who the school has signed up to this point,” Myles, Sr. said. “We’re looking at what we got from the academic presentations in terms of the support he would receive and which schools would develop him better as a defensive back and as a person. Then, of course, how he felt on the visit around the players is important too.”


As for Myles and his father, who also coached his son at Atlanta (Ga.) Carver, they haven’t yet gotten to the point where they sorted out all of the positives and negatives of each school.


“We haven’t gotten there yet but we’re close to getting there,” Myles, Sr. said. “At one point it was LSU and Alabama tied in terms of where he stood, and then we went to Tennessee and didn’t expect to get all we got out of that visit but came away pretty intrigued.”


Tennessee’s new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin had a big hand in getting the Volunteers more involved and he will be in Atlanta on Friday for one final visit with the Myles family.


“Him being a defensive coordinator in the NFL and with his ties to the general mangers in the NFL, if Darren was fortunate to go into the draft was intriguing,” Myles, Sr. said. “Then his development in Monte’s system along with the defensive backs coach Willie Mack Garza, who’s just been hired and who played four years at the University of Texas, is impressive too.”


The new coaches at Tennessee have made a favorable impression on Myles and his father, but so has LSU defensive backs coach Ron Cooper and Alabama’s headman.


“He (Cooper) has a strong résumé in terms of developing some first round picks at South Carolina,” Myles, Sr. said. “He’s had some guys lately like Captain Munnerlyn and some others that I can’t think of right now that have made it to the NFL. Then you got Nick Saban who is known for developing defensive backs and has done an outstanding job of getting players to the next level.”


Along with the coaches at each school, the direction that the program is headed will also factor in when it comes decision time for Myles, Jr.


“LSU is going to be a team to contend with now that they got the quarterback situation in place and that’s what kind of hurt them last year,” Myles, Sr. said. “The team is going to be winning and you’ll be battling for some playing time with, of course, the No. 1 safety in the country Craig Loston and Chad Jones, who already has two years in the program.


“Alabama has done a good job of regaining its national prominence and they’re going to be good,” he added. “Alabama lost Reshad Johnson but they have (Justin) Woodall back there. And then you look at Tennessee, they may not be playing at the same level as LSU and Alabama right now, but eventually they will. With Kentucky, there’s nothing to really weigh on them because we haven’t been there yet.”


The factors that will play a role in Myles, Jr.’s decision are well noted by his father, but when all of the schools are as close as they appear to be in this case it’s really going to come down to one main cause.


“It’s going to boil down to where you’re going to feel more comfortable,” Myles, Sr. said. “If you’re injured and you can’t play then are you just as happy doing your rehab, going to class and being around the guys? You look at a worst case scenario and you redshirt, will you be happy if you’re at a school that you chose only because of football? That’s a lot of the things we try to talk about.”


There will be more that Myles, Jr. and his father will discuss after their trip to Kentucky in preparation for his announcement on February 4.


However, no one outside of the Myles family may know what was discussed as the family plans on shutting things down on Sunday.


“We have to,” Myles, Sr. said. “We have to have some time to talk everything over and we’re going to lock things down after we get back from Kentucky. Everyone’s in there the same right now but we know that’s going to change soon.” Recommended Stories

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