Wright will be at scrimmage on Saturday

James Wright will meet with Les Miles on Saturday

The recruiting process is one that can sometimes be tough to predict, such as the case with James Wright. The Belle Chasse (La.) product is one of the top wide receivers in the Southeast, but he's still waiting on the heavy hitters to step up to the plate and deliver an offer.

“I’ve still just got my six offers from Stanford, Texas Tech, Tulsa, Louisiana Tech, UL-Monroe and Minnesota,” Wright said. “My highlight film is just now starting to get out to coaches though, so I think some more offers are going to be coming soon.”

Wright, who stands 6-foot-2, 185 pounds and reports a 4.55 time in the 40-yard dash, has a lot of the skills that coaches are looking for. He more than showed that in his junior campaign when he caught 58 passes for 1,058 yards and 18 touchdowns, and added 214 yards and four scores on 22 rushes – mostly on end arounds.


When Wright mentions that more offers could be coming soon, he has one school in particular on his mind that he feels could be close to pulling the trigger.


“Me, my mom and my sister are going up to LSU on Saturday,” Wright said. “We were planning on going up anyway, but Coach (Les) Miles called school on Monday and asked my coach if I could come up and talk to him and the rest of the coaches.


“I think after they get a feel for me they’re going to offer, but I think right now they’re worried that I may not be interested. Coach Miles said he liked my highlight tape after he saw it and that they were probably going to offer me down the line. He said that I’m like an Early Doucet so that along with asking me to come up makes me think they’re going to end up offering. It may not be this weekend, but I think it will eventually happen.”


Wright was born and raised in Belle Chasse, but unlike most guys who go through the recruiting process at his age, he isn’t concerned with sticking close to home. In fact, at this point in time, he has his mind on getting away to go to college, but he knows that could change.


“I’m not really a home guy,” he explained. “I kind of want to get away and experience some different stuff. It’s not that big of a deal for me, so if I realize that staying close to home is the best situation for me then I’ll have no problem doing so.”


Wright has already taken unofficial visits to LSU and Alabama for junior days, and he plans on making a trip to Texas Tech during his spring break in a couple of weeks.


Those three schools make up his top five, but there are two more schools that haven’t yet started recruiting Wright that are also on his list, with one sitting in the top spot.


USC, Texas Tech, Florida, Alabama and LSU are my top five,” said Wright. “USC has always been my top school, but the other four all kind of move around by the day.”


Wright has done his homework on the schools that he named at the top of his list, and he gave a little insight into what he likes about each program.


USC – “They’re an all-around good school and they’ve been having a good athletic program forever. They got a good academic program too, and it’s great weather in California. I’ve just always been a fan.’


Texas Tech – “They’re in there mainly because of their offense. You can’t ask for more as a wide receiver. All Texas Tech does is throw the ball. If you can find a way to get on the field then you have a perfect chance to showcase your talent. The best chance you can get as a wide receiver is to showcase your talent to help you get to the next level.”


Florida – “They’re kind of in the same boat as USC. They have a good football program and good academics. They have nice weather and they’re just all around good.”


LSU – “When I look at USC and Florida, LSU is in the same boat. They’ve got it all going on with athletics and academics. They don’t really 100 percent focus on the wide receivers like Texas Tech does, but they throw it to their receivers and let them make plays.”


Alabama – “I went to their junior day and that’s one of the best schools I’ve seen so far. I’ve talked to their coaches a lot and I think their weight room is one of the nicest I’ve seen so far. I think them and LSU are two of the nicest places I’ve seen with all the research I’ve done.”


Wright, who sports a 3.3 grade point average and scored a 19 on the ACT, maintains that he has that one school leading the pack, but after that it becomes a crapshoot.


“They’re all so close after USC that it doesn’t even matter who No. 2 is and who No. 5 is,” he said. “People ask me that and I’ll say this school is No. 2 then the next time I think about it that school will be No. 5. I’m going to take my time with this, so right now it doesn’t matter where a school is because that will probably change a lot more by the time I get ready to decide.”

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