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Davis has high hopes for the future at LSU

The commitment of Mike Davis came as a pleasant surprise to LSU fans. Landing a talent out of Dallas was not something the Tigers had done on the regular, making the four-star wide receiver quite the snag. Nearly four months later, Davis' pledge is stronger than ever.

Mike Davis – a Tiger commitment and the nation’s No. 8 ranked wide receiver prospect - was a permanent fixture on the sidelines at LSU’s spring camp in April, roaming up and down as his future teammates labored through the Louisiana heat.

“I love getting down to Baton Rouge every chance I get, because that is my home now,” Davis said. “I get a better feeling about my decision every time I get back.”

Needless to say, the first opportunity that arose, the Skyline standout returned to the Red Stick.

“My coaches and a teammate of mine, Javia Hall, came down for the first couple of days before the camp,” Davis said.

“We stayed through to Wednesday, and it was real tight. There is always something to love about each trip, so I just keep making them happen.”

Taking in sophomore sensation Jarvis Landry – tabbed as an LSU lock by most – Davis could only smile about the future of wide receivers in purple in gold.

“You have got Rueben Randle in at receiver now, and Russell Shepard will get out there as well,” he said. “Then you have me and [Justin] Hunter coming in, and I know they have one more big name out there that will join on, so things will be explosive.

“Add in Jarvis once we are all already onto campus, and I don’t really know what to tell you.”

After a brief pause, the four-star prospect picked back up.

“You know what I love about it? Single coverage,” he said. “They can’t cover us all on the double team, so I am going to see a lot of one-on-one, and I really don’t know many people that can hold me.

“I have a feeling there will be six points on the board every possession once we get out there.”

Often compared to Brandon LaFell, the Dallas standout had his own take on his evaluation and subsequent comparison.

“I know the coaches always like to mess with me about being the next LaFell, but I got bigger plans,” he laughed. “It is time for the first Mike Davis.”

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