A Day in Baton Rouge

Smith likes FSU, UGA and LSU

Telvin Smith has narrowed his focus to Georgia, Florida State and LSU. While the Tigers currently trail for his services, the Peach State linebacker said that could all change after Wednesday.

Telvin Smith, the nation’s No. 29 ranked outside linebacker, has had Georgia and Florida State out front for as long as he has had offers from both sides.

Yet, LSU has stuck around – and the 6-foot-3, 200-pound linebacker is ready to find out more.

“I am driving to Baton Rouge as we speak,” Smith said. “I will get to campus in time to watch the team run through some practice type stuff, then I want to hang around the players and coaches for the rest of the day.

“We are going to be leaving to head back home first thing on Thursday morning, so it is just a one-day deal,” he added. “I have never been to LSU before, so this is my big visit.”

What does the Valdosta-native hope to take away from the trip?

“I want to have a real feel for what LSU is all about, because before now it has only been what the coaches tell me over the phone,” he said. “I am pretty excited, that is for sure. I am ready to see what the hype is all about.”

If the Tigers impressed, could they join Florida State and Georgia in a three-way battle at the top?

“I think so, and I want that to happen,” Smith said. “I am coming to Baton Rouge looking forward to LSU being in the mix. I hear great things, so to have an offer and not take a hard look would not be smart.”

Where does the three-star prospect see himself fitting into the Bayou Bengal depth chart?

“The coaches told me that if I work hard and get to campus and practice harder, I would have a chance to play pretty soon,” he said. “I think that is the case for a couple of schools right now, so it is not a huge pull. I will work hard no matter what, so wherever that takes me is where I will be.

“I think the staff at LSU, and the same at UGA and FSU, just want me to get onto campus and then go from there,” he added. “I am a pretty good look at outside linebacker, but I think I could get moved from there if need be.”

As for distance from home, Smith said that he is not too concerned.

“I think that the best place for me might be a school with a little distance,” he said. “I am not too sure. I am just going to take my time with it and make a decision from there. I might decide before the end of the summer, I might not.

“Right now, I know I am ready to see the city of Baton Rouge,” he added. “That is the only thing on my mind.”

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