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David Perry

With limited room, followers of LSU recruiting have argued for months as to whom the final spots for 2010 would be filled by. One out-of-state name to keep an eye on is Florida defensive end David Perry.

The LSU staff still wants a couple of running backs for the 2010 class. It appears that they also want to land another athlete or two that could try their hand at receiver.

But what about on the defensive side, what prospects out there have the attention of a Tiger staff that has limited spots to fill in what should finish as one of the nation’s top ranked classes once more?

California’s Cassius Marsh, a four-star defensive tackle, is one name to watch. The Oaks Christian High standout visited Baton Rouge for the Florida game, and he returned home to name USC and LSU his final two schools. His decision is set to happen in the next couple of weeks.

Beyond that, on the opposite coast, a decision will be handed down from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.’s David Perry.

Right now, the 6-foot-5, 225-pound three-star defensive end said that he is unsure of a timeline.

“It could be a long time before I step up and decide, but then again it could happen in a week. I guess I will just know when the time is right.”

With offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami and others, the University School of Nova Sout prospect said that the staffs from two universities have hit the trail hard and helped move him towards a final pair.

“Miami and LSU are the schools I really like at this point,” Perry said. “Miami is just doing it, and I was able to go see LSU over the summer and I liked it a lot, and they have showed me love ever since. Florida State and Alabama are up there, also; but right now I am looking hard at Miami and LSU.”

Perry camped at Florida over the summer and drew good reviews, but the Gator board has since filled up fast. The other school that Perry visited was LSU, where he struck up a relationship with recruiting coordinator Don Yanowsky that has lasted into the fall.

“Just last Friday, coach Yanowsky came all the way down here to see me play,” he said. “He told me he would come, and sure enough there he was. I tried to show out that night, so that he would see me play well. He later told me that he liked what he saw, and that made me feel good about things.”

Yet, where do the Tigers stand in a race that has no current timeline and features a battle with the fast-rising Hurricane program?

“While Miami is in a good spot, LSU definitely has the chance because of how hard they stayed on me,” Perry said. “The LSU coaches want me to come in and start trying to make an impact at defensive end, and that is what I like to hear.

“I see big chances at both schools,” he added. “I know Miami is going to stay on me, and if LSU does as well, it is going to be a tough call.”

Perry, who has helped his team to a 4-3 record with around 45 tackles and 10 sacks, reports a 3.4 core GPA and a 890 SAT. Recommended Stories

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