Latest Offer is a Big One

Max Stevenson

Lone Star State tight end Max Stevenson traveled to Baton Rouge this weekend without an offer. Headed home with a scholarship in hand, where does LSU stand?

There were several 2011 prospects in Tiger Stadium this past weekend for LSU’s annual Spring Game, some of which had offers while others did not.

The ones who entered the weekend empty-handed were hoping to leave with a scholarship on the table. Unfortunately, many of them got their hopes up.

However, one prospect that did not was Klein Oak High product Max Stevenson, tabbed as one of the top tight ends in the Lone Star State. The 6-foot-6, 225-pounder admitted he headed to Baton Rouge on Saturday afternoon with high hopes, and head coach Les Miles made sure the dual-threat tight end did not leave disappointed.

“I was offered,” Stevenson confirmed. “It was a little surprising, but to be honest, I kind of anticipated it happening. Before the game, my teammate Nathan Hughes and I met with coach Haley. Nathan already had an offer, and coach Haley told me they were going to offer me too. He said coach Miles wanted to speak with me.”

The three-star prospect then broke away from Hughes and Haley for a sit-down with the headman himself.

“Coach Miles told me I had an offer and he wanted to see me in purple and gold,” Stevenson said. “He said I was the tall, athletic tight end they were looking for. He just wanted to let me know the offer was there, and he wanted me to get back down there to really look at the campus and the facilities. He didn’t really put any pressure on me at all. I liked him a lot. He seemed really down to Earth.”

Because he arrived in Baton Rouge a little later than most, Stevenson did not get to see as much of the campus as some of the other recruits on hand. Fortunately, Stevenson had already seen a large portion of the campus last year when he was in attendance for a game.

“This time I saw some of the spring game and a little of the facilities because I got there late,” Stevenson said. “It wasn’t that big of a deal though because I had already seen a lot of the campus last year when I was there for the Florida game. I did get to see the apartments that the athletes live in though, and they looked really nice. It was good to see them because at least I know I wouldn’t be living in like a shack. It was exciting to see.”

Now that Stevenson has already taken in a game during the season, a spring game, a tour of the facilities and received an offer, where do the Tigers stand?

“LSU stands near the top with Notre Dame and Texas Tech,” Stevenson said. “It’s on my mind and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I don’t have a top one or anything, but I do have a top three and LSU is in it. I just don’t have it in any type of order yet.”

Stevenson’s next stop will be to Texas Tech for their spring game on April 17. A trip to Arizona State is also a possibility. Recommended Stories